photo by Christian Webber


Tarot readings offer a framework for gaining perspective, tapping intuition, and sparking change. My readings offer practical and compassionate guidance to help you make sense of what's going on in your heart and your head.


I offer readings at my house in Picton, ON for $70/hour, or via email for non-locals. I am also available for reading at events and parties.

To book an in-person reading or event, please email

To book an email reading, visit my shop.


"Leigh Nash is a person you've likely always felt comfortable around, and so upon learning that she offers tarot card readings — because you, yourself, are suddenly on a seeking path — it's not surprising to re-encounter Leigh. It may feel that your paths would, of course, cross once more and in a space of deeper meaning. I have returned to Leigh over the years for readings, and each time what she delivered was surprising only in it's astonishing accuracy." — Julie

"I always appreciate Leigh’s thoughtful and empathetic tarot readings. Whether I’m in need of some guidance or just curious about what’s in store, they help shape my thoughts about the ways to go forward." —  Clare