Finding harmony

I love fall and look forward to the mental shift it brings, but there is something about these last days of summer (because everyone knows summer is really over after Labour Day) that I wish I could stretch out forever: bright sunny days that are still warm enough to swim, cooler nights that are perfect for fires, few to no mosquitoes, and lots of delicious produce to enjoy. It's heavenly.

This year, though, I'm looking forward to transitioning into fall. My Ayurvedic constitution is pitta, which means I tend to land on the fiery side of things at the best of times. And at the worst of times, like right now, I suffer from loads of inflammation. My usually dormant acne has been raging all summer; I've felt irritable and controlling and rigid, resulting, for example, in me thinking that only I could properly pack the trunk for every leg of our summer road trip. (I am fortunate to have a partner with loads of patience and compassion and a sense of humour.) My seasonal allergies are out of control and I want to scratch out my eyes as I type this. It's been a stressful summer: I flew by the seat of my pants to help get my first books off to press for Invisible Publishing; we have a bat problem in our attic, which has meant little sleep and much chasing of flying things; and my partner found out he's allergic to our pets. And that's just a snapshot.

What I am working towards this fall is finding harmony. I don't want to squash my pitta energy; I love the passion and drive that it enables, but I do need to find a better balance. So I am going to take Cheryl Strayed's advice and practice learning how to move forward while holding two disparate things in each hand. In this case, those two things are the ability to get shit done and the ability to slow down.

I'm not sure what that will look like yet, but my plan is to use this space to share how the process unfolds. The one thing I do know is that there is a lot to look forward to already.